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Specialized Allergy, Dermatology, & Ear Care for Pets




Lehigh Valley Veterinary Dermatology / Pet Allergy Dermatology Specialists is a referral practice providing specialized dermatology and allergy care for animals in the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania and surrounding regions including Philadelphia, Poconos, Scranton/Wilkes Barre, Harrisburg, and New Jersey.


We specialize in all dog and cat skin diseases, allergies, ear disease, and hair/claw abnormalities and provide pets, their owners, and veterinarians with advanced full-service referral dermatology care.


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We specialize in the management of allergies, skin disease, and ear disorders including:


  • Atopic dermatitis (environmental allergies) 
  • Food allergy
  • Bacterial and fungal/yeast skin infections
  • Chronic ear infections (otitis externa and otitis media)
  • Autoimmune and immune-mediated skin diseases
  • Hair and hair follicle-associated diseases
  • Claw/nail disorders
  • Parasitic skin diseases
  • Flea bite allergy
  • Skin Cancer


At PADS, we have an in-house allergy lab that makes allergy testing and formulating your pet’s allergy vaccine convenient and accurate.



Specialized Testing & Procedures:


Intradermal Allergy Testing

Intradermal Allergy Testing 

Injections given under the skin to look for specific allergies. Results used to formulate an allergy vaccine for your pet.



Microscopic examination of skin and ear samples. Evaluation for secondary yeast and bacterial infections.


Video Otoscopy 

A specialized, highly magnified scope is used to evaluate and flush the ear canal, examine the eardrum, and treat chronic infections.

Cryosurgery & CO2 Laser Surgery

Cryosurgery & CO2 Laser Surgery 

Can be used to treat a variety of conditions including ear and skin growths.

Pet Fish Doctor

Pet Fish Medicine

At PADS we also offer full medical care for pet fish. Please click the image for additional information.

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